The Right Reasons for Trading & Investing Decisions    

What differentiates MegaTrade101 among other industry practitioners and professionals is the fact that having been a veteran investor / trader & strategist that have out-maneuver market volatility is what we bring to the table of discussions.
The empirical wealth of knowledge acquired from a solid & extensive market experience for over 3 decades are selectively integrated into the training / trading workshops /seminar presentations. As we adapt all probable & cognitive strategies suitable with market conditions that best fit the client's financial goals & objectives.
TSOT.Club is where active 'Tactical Investor-Traders' converge during real time global market activity to make the right trading decisions & appropriate strategies. By meticulously applying a proven methodology in trading and investing is what counts most.
This includes CIPHER3™ - one of the most effective strategies developed for Spot FX & Financial Futures trading. Including other correlated financial markets in stocks, options, commodity, equity indices, and global exchange traded funds.

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Objective: To Stay Relevant in Today's Ever-changing Trading Landscape in the Financial Markets.

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THE ART OF TRADING the Global Financial Market

by Asking the Right Questions first with proper due diligence.


by being on the 'Right Side of the Market' more often, than not!

 Benefits of a Professional Mentor / Trading Partner

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