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Is a methodology where investors & traders' tactical decision to 'ADAPT' in any type of market condition results to a greater PROBABILITY of SUCCESS 
 Most importantly, is to have the 'POWER & ABILITY to ENDURE' market VOLATILITY especially when consistent narratives supporting trade positions are on the right side of the market.  
What MegaTrade101 practices goes beyond its trading principles and strategies. It is how to relate our analysis and market outlook the best way that clearly describes price action and market behavior through the process of narratives. These are in-depth market insights and analysis behind what is commonly heard and read on the news reports.
Our take on the market are totally independent, as we always make certain to cover any risks arising from any considerable market condition during the time trade positions are exposed in the market. It provides us a more meaningful insight as how prices reacts and would subsequently react to the next market catalyst.
TSOT.Club is where active 'Tactical Investor-Traders' converge during real time global market activity to make the right trading decisions & appropriate strategies. By meticulously applying a proven methodology in trading and investing is what counts most.
This includes CIPHER3™ - one of the most effective strategies developed for Spot FX & Financial Futures trading. Including other correlated financial markets in stocks, options, commodity, equity indices, and global exchange traded funds.

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Objective: To Stay Strategically Relevant in Today's Ever-changing Investing & Trading Paradigm. And getting trades done right in the first place. 


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THE ART OF TRADING the Global Financial Market 

Asking the Right Questions & Develop a Better Market Perspective. 

Trading & Investment Feature
Ray Dalio 
Chairman of Bridgewater Associates 
Life Principles 3.2a 
Excerpt: Most people make bad decisions because they are so certain that they’re right that they don’t allow themselves to see the better alternatives that exist. 
Radically open-minded people know that coming up with the right questions and asking other smart people what they think is as important as having the answers. 
Investing & Trading by Correlation.

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