The Right Reasons for Trading & Investing Decisions    

What differentiates MegaTrade101 among other industry practitioners and professionals is the fact that having been a veteran investor / trader & strategist that have out-maneuver market volatility is what we bring to the table of discussions.
The empirical wealth of knowledge acquired from a solid & extensive market experience for over 3 decades are collectively integrated into the training / trading workshops /seminar presentations. As we adapt all probable & cognitive strategies suitable with market conditions that best fit the client's financial goals & objectives.
TSOT.Club is where active 'Tactical Investor-Traders' converge during real time global market activity to make the right trading decisions & appropriate strategies. By meticulously applying a proven methodology in trading and investing is what counts most.
This includes CIPHER3™ - one of the most effective strategies developed for Spot FX & Financial Futures trading. Including other correlated financial markets in stocks, options, commodity, equity indices, and global exchange traded funds.

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Objective: To Stay Strategically Relevant in Today's Ever-changing Trading & Investing Paradigm in the Global Financial Markets.


Beyond Price Action


THE ART OF TRADING the Global Financial Market 

Asking the Right Questions & Develop a Better Market Perspective.

A timely executed exit strategy is equally important as properly timing a trade entry. Applying the strategies best suitable to outmaneuver the market is what comes next


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 Benefits of a Professional Mentor / Trading Partner

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