TGM Topic Discussion Schedule

A Relative Series of Progressive Sessions 

by MegaTrade101 


Trading Global Markets 

List of topic discussion for the succeeding TGM sessions & dates

Beyond Charting 2A650

Sept 29, 2018
  • What to Know before making any investment relating to trading the financial markets
  • Consulting a reliable financial advisor before making an investment / trading decision
  • Define Risk / Reward Objectives, Fund Allocation & management
  • Asking the right questions before opening any trading account
  • Choosing the right broker / dealer in trading

Oct 6, 2018
  • Checklist / Outline for Trading 
  • Learn the Right approach in Technical
  • Chart Analysis using various tools of the trade
  • Fundamental factors affecting Price fluctuation
  • Simple Approach to Western / Candlestick Charting Analysis
Oct 13, 2018
  • Market Dynamics / Mechanics Trading & Investing Methods
  • Learn to apply the 'Millennial Way' to Invest against a 'Depreciating PHP'
  • Selecting the Financial Instruments / Stocks / FX to trade / ETFs
  • Define / Structure a trading Plan of Action
  • Allocation of Funds: Risk Tolerance / Reward Ratio
  • Time management in Trading
Oct 20, 2018 
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For Self -directed Investors & Traders
  • Assessment of trading Level / experience / years in trading/
  • Three Major Markets & Global Correlation to Stocks / FX Markets
  • Enhancing Trading Skills and Proper Timing / Execution / Positioning
  • Applications of Trading and Investing Stragtegies 
  • Comparative Trading Platform Effectiveness
  • Trading Solutions & How to Access Global Markets 
Oct 27, 2018 
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 A Better Perspective on Price Action Analysis
  • The Significance of knowing how the OHLC Prices works 
  • Idiosyncrasy of Market Price Action & its Behavior
  • Applicable Strategies based on Price Action
  • Anticipating Price Direction based on chart formation
  • Effective & Specific Technical Tools that Compliments Price Action 
  • Proper Positioning in Trading the Financial Markets
All series sessions are divided into AM & PM topic discussion
The succeeding series of sessions starting November would best be aligned with existing market conditions that would serve as the basis for discussions. With verfied facts and data-driven analysis this would primarily be used to apply towards actionable trade plans for those who are already actively trading the markets. All new and related topics would then be sent ahead of the scheduled session to active participants via email notices. 
Selection of US based equities and PH stocks including foreign exchange would be the main highlight as all participanting attendees would be asked to come up with their respective financial instruments and present their plan of action.
Dec. 15th would be the last session for all who have attended are requested to come and celebrate in advance for the season's holiday. By then we would have a greater probability of completing our task, that most active trading participants have made significant gains from trading the markets for the Christmas & New Year's celebration!