The TSOT Club

Membership is now Limited

Being a member of a trading club for the right reasons and objectives can be a great way in achieving an investor / trader's aspiration in reaching a higher trading percentage results. And this can be achieved by knowing the various levels of market volatility that may affect the markets. Thus avoiding the unnecessary pitfalls of a trading loss by being on the right side of the trade more often than not. 

These are specific & appropriate trading practices that 'TSOT.Club' is focus on being a member. And one of them is having the 'Trading Discipline' that can enhance investor/ traders' ability to define potential trade setups in these markets. There are three (3) membership categories that would form the core foundation and trading standards that focuses on the best practices and strategies trading the financial markets.

Each group would have a limited number of members & closely monitored as it would form the core master class of specific currency pairs, equities & financial instruments traded. We like to keep a tight ship to maximize market potential. Being a professional &  an independent club that looks after the total return for each investor's portfolio and not the total number of transactions made is the main focus & objective.

Being Ahead of the Market Price Action is a unique advantage that TSOT brings for its members. Membership has it's advantages! Top Strategies on Trade by Megatrade101 has a distinct trading advantage in the global foreign exchange market as it identifies certain currency majors 'Price Action' and their correlated cross rates price configuration ahead of  time.

What it means to be a member of the 1st TSOT. Club Asia

First Top Strategies On Trade Club - where active 'Tactical Investors & Active Traders' converge during real time global market activity to make the right trading decisions & appropriate strategies. And by joining the TSOT.CLUB (ASIA) for the right reasons & objectives can only get better in time. With the right system that meets every investors trading requirements

For Asia Pacific Region (including Philippine, Australia & Singapore) Online & On-Site Clients / Investors / Traders & TSOT. Club members would be group based on each individual assessment, ability and qualifications on market knowledge including actual trading experience. US & European MT101.Club members are scheduled with a different time zone respectively. 

Schedule / Phase 1 Level:     Assessment & Recommendation

1. Assessment of trading Level / experience /years in trading/
2. Interview: Objectives or Goals of client / Time table & money management / Suitability
3. Identify strength and degree of trading difficulty (Technical / Fundamental)
4. Level of Understanding / Background / Level of Sophistication
5. Account Assessment / Broker / Dealer relationship / Portfolio
6. Assessment of Trade Performance Record > Highlight Profitable and Loss trades / Identifying events or non-events that led to trade performance (minimum of 1 year)
7. Initial Evaluation, Summary and Recommendation based on Assessment Report 

8. Initiate building investment and trading portfolio based on final agreement and criteria selection based on liquid asset percentage allocation and proper execution of planned strategy.


What you'd 'Learn & Take' in MegaTrade101 Workshop / Seminars

Phase ll & lll Levels - Due Diligence & Focus On How to

    • Select & Process the Right CCY Pair/s or Instruments to Trade & Invest In
    • Establish Major / Mid-term Trend & Trade Position

Appropriate funds to accommodate trade strategies & contingencies
Allocate Amount willing to expose within a certain time frame for period to cover

    • Tolerable Stop-loss in pips and / or equivalent amount in VALUE

Realistic & Flexible Profit Objective to maximize Market potential
Use Leverage to level the playing field

    • Alternative strategies available for Hedging

Proper Leverage distribution & allocation
Cross trade & Counter-trade with majors & crosses

    • Accessibility to other CCY pairs / Instruments in other markets

Identify other strategies utilizing futures & options
Correlation is the Key component in trading successfully
Net positioning/percentage trading as a Strategy

    • Trade Plan / Best Execution and improve market timing entry & exits strategies

Consider using technical tools most appropriate & Skillfully Identify trade set ups / chart Patterns with ease by experience
Fundamental factors affecting market conditions

    • Market Sentiments/Psychology & Market Price Behavior

Price Action Analysis with & without the charts
Price Comparison with the Price Page Indicator
Turn Trading into Investing strategies



The overall program objectives of the club is designed specifically for: 

*   Investors and Corporate clients willing to have access to Primary and Secondary markets in the Global market arena that can provide a higher market liquidity, transparency and a higher rate of market potential and rate of return on equity investment.

•   All levels of traders, from the new trader to the most experienced trader and sophisticated high net worth individual investor who has a good understanding and moderate knowledge of equity investing and trading the Spot Foreign Currency Market who would like to manage their respective trading and investment portfolio as 'self-directed tactical investor / trader'.

• Trading participants and or industry practitioners who want to enhance their investment experience in trading these markets, while developing effective analytical skills that can only improve / identify trade setup, market timing and proper execution. Especially for those who have not gotten ahead of their trading skills and still have difficulty in market analysis even after attending so many workshops and training seminars.

• Individuals interested to learn about the global financial markets, particularly, the US Stock Equities market, the Spot & Futures Foreign Currency & Commodity Trading. This way, they would be able to apply this working knowledge in actual investments and to successfully manage their wealth & assets to have a better rate of return for the investment decisions made. At the same time, limiting the probable risk of loss while trading volatile market conditions.

    • What differentiates us @megatrade101 among other industry practitioners and professionals is the fact that having been a veteran investor / trader & strategist that have outlived market volatility. And the extensive market expereince of over 3 decades are positively incorporated into the training / trading workshops /seminar presented as we adapt to market conditions that best fit the client's financial goals & objectives. 

NOTE: Megatrade101 Independent & Professional with NO Foreign or local affiliations / representations. and NO conflicts of Interest with clients as it does not receive any commissions nor compensation from any trades. Know more details on our full disclaimer link.


Join the TSOT. Club by MegaTrade101: Reference & Guidelines 
Market Discussions, Meeting shedules & Training courses outline will be sent a notice upon submission of trade history via email. Each individual interview would be conducted on-site or online, qualified and shall be segregated upon acceptance into qualifying groups based on their respective skill levels. For inquiry send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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