What is MegaTrade101 CIPHER3™ Analysis?

 MegaTrade101 Signature Trading Methodology (MT101 STM™)

Introduction: Effectiveness of CIPHER3

The CCY Corner reflects MegaTrade101 market outlook and the effectiveness of CIPHER3™ Price Action Analysis of each major currency pair & their corresponding cross rates. Due to the time difference and flexibility of the three major markets, certain price action from the previous trading sessions would differ considerably as price fluctuations are influenced from several fundamental forces which makes prices change in a rapid fashion at most times.

> CIPHER3™ is one of the most effective strategies developed for trading the Foreign Exchange Market as a 'Proprietary Trading Paradigm', known only to a few trained strategists that had undergone the workshops mentored directly by Sir Alexander @megatrade101. Yet its delicate process of cross currency analysis is combined with a considerable balance that can be identified and maintained between three (3) correlated currency pairs.

> CIPHER3™ Analysis is a three (3) step 'Proprietary Trading Paradigm' that follows 'specific thought driven process of structured strategies' applied for major currency pairs, related crosses, & correlation with their corresponding financial futures / options contract prices that are based relatively from volumes / open interest (VOI) movements not commonly present in the cash market during market price action.

> CIPHER3™ proven application in the forex market is currently being applied with price action analysis on Digital Crypto Currency such as 'BITCOIN' and its corresponding FUTURES contract prices. Although, big data from Bitcoin historical prices are there, the recent opening of CBOE & CME Futures contract prices are being gathered to compliment & complete the next phase of the process. Likewise, this includes the VOI information & data gathering from the CFTC Commitment of Traders reports as well. This will surely reflect how its effectiveness in trading the digital space can be once its applied in full gear. 

Note registration & special access to 'Premium level' is required. Being a proprietary system; specific methodolgy, disclosures and other pertinent information related to trading and investing are made known only in our workshop including personal One-on-One training.

Following a delicate process of Price Action Analysis essentially based on our complete Price Page Indicator in comparison with the Spot Foreign Currency pairs and the Financial Futures deriving a series of combinations, where Structured Trading Strategies not commonly applied by most standardized trading methods. And the success rate is higher while the strategy undergoes through the process of deduction that eventually identify the best probable market potential on certain market conditions.


NOTE: Do not confuse 'CIPHER3' Analysis - a thought driven process as stated above with the 'Cypher Pattern' discovered and defined by Darren Oglesbee. 

Which happens to be a 4-leg pattern that resembles a similarity with the Gartley formation & Harmonic patterns with some orther trading based principles of retracement theories that evolved from the original Fibonacci theory. Although, such pattterns can also be applied as a combination of tech tools to identify chart formation whenever the case arises. 

Each component of the 'Proprietary trading system' is driven by a methodology which translates into a specific process that plays a significant role that derive a fairly accurate analysis of the market's direction and have a much better perspective even before price action occurs. While the next focus would be 'properly timing' trade executions.

Remember, there is 'No Holy Grail in trading volatile markets' and No short-cuts in the process. If there was one; then everyone would be a winner, but obviously NOT. Due diligence is a MUST.


This is a vital part of "Strategic Analysis" that goes beyond the traditional fundamental and technical charting analysis.

A combination of two majors and a cross rate would create a controlled & manageable trading structure with an overall positive net-value regardless of the directional price action of the market with or without a meaningful event risk; but prices should be within the confinement of their respective currency pair trading parameters (trading range).

With special attention to the figure 3 as a variable & vital reference point of importance in the process. Where major trading decisions are derived from before / after any risk event occurs that leads to a game changing move across the market place.


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