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* Foreign Exchange Market / Investors Fund & Wealth Management / An Independent Investor & Portfolio Manager for Private Equity / Interbank Institutional Level Trading & Clearing Management

Private Banking Relations: HSBC - Standard Chartered Bank - American Express - CitiBank - Barclays Bank - Saxo Bank - Bank of Singapore - ANZ Bank

A Registered Member / Independent Project Consultant - Asian Development Bank Consultant Management System for Finance & Education

(No Foreign or Local Affiliations / Representations & No Conflict of Interest)


* MegaTrade One-on-One Pro-Mentor on Demand / Consultancy / Wealth Portfolio Management For Sophisticated Investors / Client's Business Investments

An Independent & Professional Authority - Fiduciary Duty to Clients is Top Priority

* Export / Import Hedgers in Commodity Futures Trading & Other Relative Global Equities & Financial Markets

* US, European & Asian Stock Markets in Technology, Commodity & Financial Related Sectors 


* Sponsor, Corporate Advisor for Professional Training in Service Industry & an Advocacy For Quality Education through Technology-driven Learning System for Asia Pacific & Middle-East


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