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Trading FX can only best serve each individual investor depending on the analysis, market outlook and sound trading decisions by which one is satisfied with their investment results at the end of the trade. Knowing when to trade, not to trade, stop any loss and simply take a profitable trade are just some of the basic elements for a successful trade. As everyone who reads this article would say. . . " tell me something I don't already know. " As the news from any important event or report is interpreted in so many ways, that everyone knows what is going on.

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Money management has all its principles and practices that needs to be followed. Trading the Foreign Exchange market has a few lessons of its own. Sharing these experiences can only help improve one's trading skills from a 30 year market veteran who has outlived several FX companies from one of the biggest commodities brokers such as Refco to FX Concepts in New York likewise one of the biggest Forex Hedge funds.

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