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Today is the 7th of January 2016. And this supports our market insight where we have stated that similar market conditions can be expected, madeor created within the new trading year. And at most times depending on the conditions where an overlaying new contract month can define and even establish New highs and lows. which it has already done before the closing of the first trading week.

Of course this was anticipated on January first before the first trading day of the year & week. Where all hell broke loose with the Middle East tensions between The Saudis and Iran. And to top it all is China's stock market performance for the week where another devaluation occured other than the massive declie which spread over the global markets until today.

MegaTrade101 price page Indicator where one can find a modified price sheet reflects a summary of the weekly and monthly opening, high, low, and closing prices from the previous to the current date for the specific currency in a strategic order of trading preference.

Learning the right analysis and application of these three (3) point process can be learned through our trainig program. There's more than what meets the eye.

As you can see that new highs and lows are now marked following the risk events that has taken place for the initial trading activity for the week. The market's ability to turn may take sometime but since the some of the financial instruments including stocks and cross rates may find some relief price recovery on the other side of the trade. However, the major trend that prevails would only make a turn around with a strong and convincing catalyst to change investors view.

Thank you and only the best for your trades.