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Insight through the Eyes of Sir Alexander @megatrade101 (Brief excerpt)

The simplest form of a price chart describe herein has no technical indicators on it. The consistency of a mere Candlestick Bar formation to reflect price action by itself would be considered a practical method of reading through price movement without having to develop a bias market opinion at first glance. This could be done either with the Candlesticks or the Western bar chart method of analysis.

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There are actually three (3) methods to follow to determine an accurate price reference and the type of price charts a trader / analyst would be working on. A 'Continuous chart' for the Spot market and the 'Alternating Contract Months' in the Futures market. The contract months opening levels, trading range & price expiration dates provide a deeper meaning into price action analysis. The correlation of prices would differ between these two types of market would bring Investor / traders to the next level of trading method of MegaTrade101 CIPHER3 Analysis (Tier 3).

These prices plays a significant role as it factors in prices to consider particularly when 'Time, Day & Price' changes would provide a clearer signal for next trend direction even before they occur. This is MegaTrade101, thrust in managing investor's portfolio & training workshop that go beyond charting & price action analysis; - to be aware of the importance of such 'Price Transition' within a quarter period of an 'Overlay-Trading' activity.

Although, using the Candlestick bar can provide a distinct advantage towards price chart patterns which guides traders of identifying bull and bear signals not seen in a western bar formation. For other chartist with a substantial length of trading experience, perception of market analysis should weigh both in the form of technical and fundamentals combined. Of course, with the exception of pure technicians that simply rely of the charts regardless of the surrounding conditions.

 More often, to be able to improvise a structured strategy that will 'Challenge the Status Quo' from traditional trading analysis, unconventional methods in market analysis approach works simply based from actual market experience. Prices are merely a trader's guide,  while the market dictates where the direction would lead to and not the other way around.

At times, certain market conditions provide unconfirmed signals from price action & behavior even before it occurs. This is where trader / strategist  develop a true sense of their trading abilities; best described sometimes as intution. Others may call it ' instinctive analysis'.

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