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Excerpt dated July 7, 2017 On Equities Currency Shift 1Modified to show Sequence of Trade Analysis:

With the #Aussie find some resistance at the 0.7710 /50 price range may support a steadier USD trading in a corrective session at 0.7603 as of this writing. Its wide consolidation may prove to be well in place but would not discount the probability to break higher when the USD fails to follow-through by the coming week. And today's US report which turned to be negative for the USD gave the AUDUSD the lift it needed. 

Chart figure A Shows July 7, 2017 Market Call - Consolidation to break higher

TSOT: AUDUSD Video Support for July 07 - to - August 02, 2017

Finally #AUDUSD breaks out from its consolidation with the help from the negative figures from the US retail #'s that brought about a USD decline that touched 95.22 low on the session. Currently trading at 0.7804 with a session high at 0.7828.

With reference to our July 14th above market & price call the methods applied in analyzing the AUDUSD have been quite effective to say the least in obtaining a reasonable reward ration over the risk of loss in positioning when a candlestick formation of a morning star / long shadowed wick similar with a spinning top bar located on the lower band were established.