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US DOLLAR INDEX & Relative Indexes

The best ‘Open ‘SECRET’ of Foreign Exchange Trading is the ' US Dollar Index ' better known in the industry as 'DIXIE' or DXY symbol, with a continues technical data on the value of the US dollar traded and measured from a basket of major foreign currencies. 

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The US Dollar Index has always been the major indicator MegaTrade101 have been studying & trading its price acion relative to the other indices that tracks its performance. There are three (3) major indices that we factored into the equation by way of the weighted / percentage distribution that differentiates themselves from one another which influences the price changes in the global markets.

Likewise, we have included the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) Index from the PBOC being the 2nd largest global economy and the DOW Jones / FXCM version of the USDOLLAR as a point of comparison for trading.

Thus, all these information provides a better understanding how they all affect price action based on their weighted average and distribution.

By knowing these indices correlation with one another and how to apply their weighted average in real time trades is narrative into actual market price action. Being able to incorporate their relative correlation in foreign currency trading is another part of the process. Learn to master these process with the US Dollar Index as the primary indicator together with its relative indexes. 

As a result, limiting unnecessary loss by improving a higher degree of net winning percentage gains in trading & investing the financial & global stock markets.

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