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A Better Understanding of the Foreign Exchange Market through MegaTrade101's video presentations supporting our MarketView and Analysis on the current conditions in the marketplace. Please take note of the dates / price levels of each analysis and market insights of the currency pairs before the price movement occurs as an end result which the video supports. 

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USDX Remains Strong Written by megatrade101
USDJPY vs. AUDUSD Directional Trend Written by megatrade101
Consolidating Cross Trades CHFJPY, EURJPY, EURGBP Written by megatrade101
Trend Following the CHF/JPY cross Written by Megatrade101
Corrective divergence on EUR/GBP Written by megatrade101
EUR/GBP confirms its Trend Written by megatrade101
Price & Trend Following for the EUR/GBP & the AUD/USD Written by megatrade101
Corrective Movement of the EURO, GBP, EUR/GBP & EUR/JPY Written by megatrade101
Comparative Charts Part 2 - CHF & AUD Written by megatrade101
Comparative charts on the NZD, AUD/USD,CHF and JPY Written by megatrade101