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Trading the foreign exchange and/or any financial market carries a high level of risk and may experience a substantial loss in part or whole of the investment principal. Consider your financial conditions Statements and articles viewed from analysis is informational and for educational purposes only. And does not in any way constitute as a recommendation to buy or sell any particular currency in the Forex market.

Only sophisticated investors, professional money managers, traders and active institutional participants such as banks, corporations for hedging purposes and speculators should be aware of the inherent risk involve may participate knowing fully well in trading this volatile market.

Trading the Foreign Exchange and /or the Stocks, Futures Markets are Risky and investors can experience substantial loss of capital which can occur due to adverse price fluctuation. It is not for everyone. Consult a reliable financial adviser and consider financial conditions & objectives as a priority before getting involved in this volatile market.

As price results may vary from time to time and is not indicative of future results. Please exercise proper due diligence and discretion in making any financial decision regarding these kinds of alternative form of investments. 

In Addition:

MegaTrade101.com does 'NOT' accept or solicit funds from clients / investors for trading these financial markets.. All clients are advised to make direct trade transactions, pertinent documentation, including deposits, withdrawals from their respective 'Private Banking - Interbank Trading accounts'. On a case to case basis can co-manage investment portfolio only with the direct particpation of the clients / investors while trading the Financial market & only with a reputable interbank / authorized Broker-Dealer as an Institution that provides clearing/ dealing services and meets investors compliance requirements, goals and objectives. This is for the protection, interest and security of funds for every investor / client. Megatrade101 training programs are for educational and financial literacy purposes that does not constitute any guarantee on trading due to the nature of probable loss in a volatile market.

Note: Megatrade101 has NOT authorized any person/s or other companies to provide advise or solicit any public or private investment funds to trade the Foreign Exchange or other financial markets on its behalf. Therefore, shall not honor any representations made by unauthorized parties concerned. Any inquiries relating to this matter shall be coursed through our website and only authorized officer of Megatrade101management.

Furthermore, MegaTrade101 is  'Independent Professional Service' that is NOT affiliated with any local or foreign broker or institution and 'does NOT' act or receive commissions / make any endorsement of companies that offer trading services online in stocks, Foreign exchange and other financial instruments for that matter. Thus making certain that independent and unbias statements with full transparency is provided to cients / Investor's as their Interest comes first with NO Conflict of Interest. Likewise, MegaTrade101 does not make any public testimonials from client members' trade results, as a matter of policy, respecting 'Privacy & Strict Confidentiality for all concerned.

MegaTrade101 does not make any representations of guarantee that trading results from the market analysis would be the same with other investors. In essence, investors who would want to participate in the Foreign exchange market should first consult and seriously consider their financial conditions before engaging into a volatile market such as foreign exchange Trading. And that is because losses on investment capital in part or in whole do occur in trading these types of markets, especially when trades are poorly and are not timely executed in the market. Due Diligence is advised! 

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