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CCY CornerThe CCY Corner reflects MegaTrade101 current market outlook and CIPHER™ Price Action Analysis of each currency (ccy) pair & their corresponding cross rates. Due to the time difference of the three major markets, certain price action from the previous trading sessions would differ as price fluctuations are influenced from several fundamental forces which makes prices change in a rapid fashion at times.

CIPHER3™ is one of the most effective strategies developed for trading the Foreign Exchange Market as a proprietary trading system, known only to a few trained strategists that had undergone the workshops mentored directly by Sir Alexander @megatrade101. 

CIPHER3™ Analysis is a three (3) step proprietary trading system combined with a specific 'thought driven process of structured strategies'. Which highlights the spot currency pairs and cross rates, their correlation with specific financial futures contracts and options prices that relatively moves during certain market condtions.  Registration & Special Access to this Premium Page is required. Click to continue


USD Index (DXY) compared with an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

2d1524e61225e78The DXY or Dixie as most traders refer to is the measure of value for the US Dollar in a trade weighted average called an 'index'. Which is relative to factoring the exchange rates composition of the six major trading partners foreign currencies within the basket. This index is similar to other trade-weighted indexes, which also uses the exchange rates from the same major currencies.

Likewise, exchange traded funds are composed of baskets of stocks traded on an exchange. Some major ETFs do track its major index such as the US Dow Jones, S&P500, Nasdq and the Russel Indices. Although, stocks and indices are based and traded in the different exchanges worldwide, the underlying currency base commonly used is the US Dollar. 

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