Investors Transition Not A Transformation

Wall Street has been the “Icon” for most financial analysts and traders as a symbol of trading success being able to trade in New York Board of Trade. And to be able to trade through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a trader / investor is also one of the highlights of being able to pursue one’s goals in the financial markets. 

These are just two (2) of the main US exchanges that an aspiring trader can set foot & claim have reached a significant milestone in their financial career objectives. Not by making megabucks alone, but once accepted in one of many reputable companies & investment banks the likes of Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, and other elite Hedge funds in the industry.

The question is what does it take to qualify as one of the top traders on Wall Street? Competition is tough, as the best would need to standout well among their other peers. And some of these criteria would be to deliver results on performance based quantitative skills and a keen analytical understanding of the instruments traded in the major markets. This is where trader-value is based on distinct ability; while building interpersonal client-base relationships to be on top of higher echelon of management’s radar. Keeping an eye on Valued Asset Traders with investor /clients to build businesses for the company is one of the key elements for positioning success.

" Transitioning Investors’ into the Right Investing Mindset and not transforming Value Investors into a Financial Trader. "

This is MegaTrade101s’ goal for every Investor willing to learn the intricacies of using the ‘Mechanics of Trading’ into the Right Methodology of combining Value Investing & Alternative Trading Methods into their respective portfolio management. These applications are used not only for the foreign exchange market, but best be applied including stocks, exchange traded funds, Indices, & the commodity futures trading to name a few.

Wealth & Asset Management for Investors is a primary task for the preservation of wealth especially for high net worth individuals who has an international business exposure that can likewise be applied for asset growth other than simply protecting against foreign exchange rates. Funds invested for trading or for simple investment purposes still needs to be considered for growth and at all times be managed with care from risk that surrounds the market place.

"And this is what a mentor-adviser first line of duty for their respective investor-clients to be made aware of. As the time of these clients are equally as important in doing what they are best at and leave the rest of the responsibility for the mentor-trainer to make them aware of what makes the market move and their current market conditions."

This is also where timing is a crucial part of investing and trading these markets. And this defines the unique ability to deliver and an equal value for every mentor-trainer with their valued investors' read on the markets as well. See how Warren Buffet had taken the lead on a bet with a Hedge fund group as a clear example. He would not be called the "Oracle of Omaha" had it not been for his distinct ability to read the market and deliver for his shareholders.  

Investing & Trading for the Right Reasons!