MegaTrade One-on-One Training Program


MegaTrade One-on-One Pro Mentor on Demand is a multilevel approach directly online and on-site workshop in real time specifically to guide qualified investor / traders a unique trading methodology of the foreign exchange market.

The workshop and mentors' program is specifically tailored for clients / traders individual trading objectives based on levels of assessment and comprehensively designed to be flexible with a strategic layer of cushion in most market conditions.

The primary focus of the program is to define the strength & enhance the traders' knowledge and timing skills in "Identifying High Probability Trades’ with certain levels of Trading Confidence. That delivers trade consistency and skilfully timing the market more often than not!

In addition, this includes choosing the appropriate trading partner or institution's regulatory compliance on investment funds deposits aside from the actual working mechanics of their trading platform. So that investors would only have to deal with what is equally important and focus on strategies to achieve their financial objectives. 

The series of On-site and Online training program starts with a 60 hour (40/20) session up to 120-hours (60/40/20). Please note the remaining 20 hours would be dedicated online guidance via skype during actual trading sessions spread over a period of time. The schedule depends on the choices made that puts emphasis on the list of topics below; and not necessarily in their respective order.


Enhanced Training Program

        •         Market Information on the Primary, Secondary & other correlated financial markets to use and whenever necessary for Hedging purposes against adverse price fluctuations
        •        Correlation of Fundamental. Technicals with Price Action analysis and Market Behavior.
        •       Portfolio management: Proper use of leverage as an equalizer to risk, amount exposure over time period, allocation and distribution of Risk / Reward ratio as a 'tactical investor / trader.
        •        Enhancing Trading Skills and Proper Timing execution that suits traders ability & Risk Tolerance levels.
        •        Financial Market regulations and compliances to protect investors interests and security of funds.
        •       Market Dynamics / Mechanics - Interbank, RetailFX & Futures Trading. And how to best use this knowledge as a market edge in actual trading. Equity Indices & ETFs is a premium plus.
        •       Real-time Applications of Trading Strategies and Investing Principles that really matters especially during high market volatility. 
        •       Market Strategies to 'Improve Winning Probability trades' by identifying trade set-ups by using the right strategies & tools of the trade suitable for every type of market condition.


    1. CONTENT: Reference & Guidelines

A: Course & Training Program l - ll (PDF) - Moderate Trading Experience / Self-Directed / Qualified Main-Street Investors / Traders

B: Advance Training Program (PDF) - Professional & Institutional / Sophisticated Investors

Training course outline is based on Evaluation, Assessment & Recommendation (EAR*) A final Course Outline will be sent based upon submission of trade history via email. As this would serve as the basis of the training recommendation during the final interview process of each participating attendee before acceptance. 

For inquiry send us an email:: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Benefits of having a Personal Mentor / Trading Partner - PDF


" Trading this market should be taken with an attitude to adapt to market conditions. As discretionary trading can be more advantageous for experienced traders as judgement calls can best be serve with effective strategies aligned with generated system signals." Although, there are times that systematic approach do make good trades, however 'price & time' do change; and under these circumstances the market dictates price action and not how we want to perceive what it should do.


Investors Learning the Tools of the Trade while Building Trading Confidence and Consistency!