Community Trading Session 101

We, @megatrade101 do share our market insights to the best of our ability so we can see your trading success as a reflection of our trading fulfillment! As your trading success is our true to life 'Success Story!' which we do not have to publicly declare. Only the best of your trades!

What differentiates us @megatrade101 among other industry practitioners and professionals is the fact that having been a veteran investor / trader & strategist that have out-maneuvered market volatility is what we bring to the table of discussions. The extensive market experience of over 3 decades are positively incorporated into the training / trading workshops /seminar presented as we adapt to market conditions that best fit the client's financial goals & objectives in real life.


This program would include the actual market trade set-ups that are present and can be taken advantage of that would improve every investor / traders balance sheet.

Cost / Attendee:  USD $50.00 or local currency equivalent at  (secured link) for two (2) sessions. A 10% discount for a group of three (3) Register with full payment. 

And for particpants completing the sessions above shall receive a PDF ebook-copy of Megatrade101 - The Art of Trading (USD38.00 Value) as our gesture of appreciation. Where proceeds would support our Advocacy for Education as a sponsor for Pereti Training Institute

RESERVE NOW! Seats are limited to three (3) persons per session. Materials included. Please Bring your own Laptop


Contact Text Message for Appointment Only: Globe 09156486637 / Smart 09088880713

On-Line Via SKYPE: By appointment & On-Demand Premium registration required. Please request to be added on list after confirmation. For details send us an email to register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


No Cost for initial consultation & email registration
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